Frequently Asked Questions | CalmMax Paddle Boards


1. How much does Trampolines shipping cost?

Answer :

Free Shipping ( Normally up to $200 ) Home delivery for a trampoline normally costs up to $200 due to the large size and weight of the boxes. We Totally subsidize this cost and free shipping for you. **Home Delivery Excludes: Alaska, Hawaii, Marshall Island, Northern Mariana Island and Puerto Rico Nunavut

2. How long does shipping take?

Answer :

Depending on your location, delivery can take anywhere from (approximately) 1 - 7 working days. Please note: As our product is large and bulky they can take a bit longer to get around than say a courier bag. Please ensure you have given enough leeway for delivery timeframe expectations. **Home Delivery Excludes: Alaska, Hawaii, Marshall Island, Northern Mariana Island and Puerto Rico Nunavut


3. May I know what kind of payment do you accept?

Answer :

Credit or debit cards, and other digital payment are supported in our online store.

  • Credit or debit cards: VISA, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.
  • Digital payment: PayPal.
  • We apologize for not accepting checks or money transfer.


4. How hard is it to install a CalmMax trampoline?

Answer :

Assembly is straightforward; we have a detailed instructions manual and a video explaining step by step how to set up the trampoline and accessories. Approximate installation time is 1 – 2 hours with 2 people. It is much easier and faster if two people assemble the trampoline, but one person can certainly assemble it. There are no heavy individual components to lift which means people of most capability are able to assembly the trampoline. We also include all the necessary tools to assemble. We also have a great setup video for you to watch. Also, see our installation page on our website for more info.

5. What's the package of your trampoline?

Answer :

Our package is solid paper box, it's specially made for express delivery purposes.

6. How many boxes are the trampoline packaging?

Answer :

8ft 10ft 12ft:Only 1 box 14ft 15ft 16ft: 2 boxes

7. How safe are your trampolines?

Answer :

We know safety is super-important to parents and have built safety into every element of our trampolines. It all starts with high-tensile galvanised steel frame and springs. From there we wrap bouncers in a cocoon of protection with curved and padded safety poles, a thick spring pad and a soft yet incredibly strong safety net. CalmMax, ASTM Safety Certified trampoline, is a solid space for jumping and growing.

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