How to protect the outdoor trampoline

How to protect the outdoor trampoline

Trampoline is a common garden sport, and more and more families are considering buying a trampoline for their family. Before placing a new trampoline in your yard, you need to know some important information about it, such as the weight capacity of the trampoline, whether the trampoline is difficult to install, how to protect the outdoor trampoline, how to properly maintain and store the trampoline in winter, the weather factors affecting the trampoline and so on. Let’s take a look at how to protect your trampoline.


Tips In Season

How to protect the trampoline in Spring?


In spring, pay attention to the impact of rain, place the trampoline in a ventilated place, and clean up the rain on the jumping mat in time to avoid moisture accumulation and damage to it. You can also consider covering the trampoline when it is not commonly used, but pay attention to cleaning the rainwater on the cover in time, so as not to increase the pressure on the springs and the frame.


How to protect the trampoline in Summer?

Summer is usually the season when trampolines are most frequently used, so how to protect your trampoline in summer?


The first thing to note is to place the trampoline in the shade, but avoid getting too close to the branches. The second point to note is to keep the trampoline dry, especially when in use. The third point to note is that you can consider placing covers to protect children and trampolines from prolonged sun exposure.


How to protect the trampoline in Autumn?

In autumn, pay attention to the effect of falling leaves and rain on the jumping mat. Always notice the jump mat surface in time to keep it dry and tidy.


How to protect the trampoline in Winter?

You can still jump on a quality-guaranteed trampoline in winter. Just make sure that the frame, jumping mat, springs, and other accessories are in good condition beforehand. Of course, you can choose to use it, or store it. So how to properly store it?


The first choice is indoor storage. Remove the net, jump mat, and springs and store them in a dry place, the steel frame and poles can be placed in the yard.


The second choice is outdoor storage. When the trampoline is stored outdoors, it will face the test of the weather. Such as windy and snowy weather.


If you live in an area where high winds, storms, and hurricanes occur frequently, it is recommended to purchase and install a trampoline anchor kit. Windy weather may occur at any time, to prevent the trampoline from being suddenly blown up by the strong wind, causing irreparable damage to the trampoline and the house. It is recommended to install the anchor immediately after completing the installation of the trampoline. It is recommended to purchase at least 4 anchors and install them on each leg of the trampoline.


The cover is not recommended in snowy weather as it can increase the burden of the frame and springs. Use a soft brush or broom to remove snow in time to prevent moisture.


Tips Throughout The Year

In addition to the specific requirements for trampoline maintenance in different seasons, there are some points that need attention throughout the year.

Here are the things you need to check in time, regardless of the season. The first is the jumping mat, you need to check it regularly for wear, cracks, and other problems. Next are the springs. The springs are the important link between the jumping mat and the frame, so it is important to regularly check the tension of the springs to ensure that they are functioning properly.

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