About CalmMax

Business Profile

Calmmax is a brand of Shanghai Kuyunjie Sports Equipment Co., LTD. We specialize in the production and sale of outdoor trampolines. We build safe and stable trampolines for kids and families. Our trampolines meet ASTM safety standards. We are devoted to providing a long-term place for sports and entertainment.


Product & Service Description

Calmmax keeps expanding the audience of our products according to the market survey results. In order to meet the needs of more people, we produce a total of 6 sizes of the trampoline including 8ft. 10ft. 12ft. 14ft. 15ft. and 16ft. Each size has a corresponding weight-bearing capacity to meet the needs of children or families. Each model has optional colors, and the main colors we offer are blue, green, black, and orange.

We always take pride in our products and services. We offer free replacement parts within warranty, please see our terms and conditions for details. In addition, our online customer service looks forward to answering your questions and resolving your problems in a timely manner.

Calmmax Factory

Our factory is located in Jiangsu, covers an area of 6000+ square meters. The annual output can reach 90,000 sets.


Calmmax Values

The philosophy that the brand has been adhering to since its establishment is people-oriented - taking the needs of customers as the starting and ending points of thinking and acting. This philosophy runs through every aspect of Calmmax's business.

Calmmax and our employees have created a complete value system, in which a sense of responsibility, continual innovation, and considerate service are the most important ones.

Sense Of Responsibility: We implement strict quality supervision, our quality control personnel have more than ten years of experience in the field, and our trampolines are approved by ASTM.

Continual Innovation: We never stop innovating in order to produce trampolines with a higher level of safety. We are committed to finding hidden risks and improving them in time.

Considerate Service

Our staff always upholds a people-oriented philosophy, providing the same quality service for pre-sales consultation and after-sales guarantee. We have a professional team to answer the questions you may encounter in the trampoline installation, maintenance, and replacement, so you can work with us with confidence.

Where to Buy

You can place an order directly on our website, or buy our trampolines in our eBay store.