Trampoline Maintenance Guide

Trampoline is an outdoor program that brings together fun, exercise and fitness. It provides us with an opportunity to release stress, improve physical fitness and soothe our mood. We can feel the vitality of life and enjoy the pleasure of jumping.

More specifically, a trampoline is an affordable investment that can be used for a long time. Compared to other recreational projects, such as amusement parks, a trampoline is a one-time investment that does not require repeated payments. It sits in your yard, and in any suitable weather, children can enjoy unlimited fun at any time. If you maintain it properly, it can provide your family with years of fun.

Trampolines are also a perfect opportunity for your kids to be exposed to the outdoors. Compared to the internet, games, and other forms of entertainment, trampolines are no less appealing to kids. It's the perfect time for kids to get some exercise. The act of bouncing is good for the metabolism, heart, bones, immune system, and brain. Getting enough exercise outdoors every day can help kids get exercise and grow up healthy.

In addition to the physical benefits, it is also beneficial for children to build good relationships. The joy of jumping is doubled by sharing with friends and creating shared memories on the trampoline.

To maintain the effective use of the trampoline for a long time and keep the family away from danger, you can't just install it in the yard and then stop paying attention to it. We also need to give the trampoline some proper maintenance. The trampoline maintenance guide covers the things that need to be taken care of, so please read and follow it carefully to keep the trampoline in the best condition and provide you with long-lasting companionship.

Trampoline Maintenance Guide - Four Seasons Edition

How to maintain your trampoline in Spring?

The impact of spring on the trampoline is mainly reflected in the temperature difference and rain. Spring is a season of high rainfall, so it is important to clean the rain and debris from the jumping mat and place the trampoline in an open, airy place to avoid moisture accumulation and mold. If you don't use your trampoline often in the spring and have it covered, then beware that the rainwater that accumulates on the cover can increase the pressure on the springs and frame and cause damage. It is important to clean up rainwater on the cover in a timely manner.

How to maintain your trampoline in Summer?

Summer is the perfect time to experience a hearty dose of outdoor sports. With beautiful weather and exuberant energy, you and your kids are in for more trampoline time. Summer is perhaps the season when trampolines are used most frequently. So what do you need to pay attention to in summer?

Check regularly

The weather in summer is changeable, so regular inspections are needed to prevent debris and moisture buildup. Dry the jumping mat promptly after rain to avoid discoloration and quality damage. Also, make sure to remove any leaves, branches, or sticks from the surface so they don't damage the jump mat or get caught in the springs.

High-Temperature heat

To protect the trampoline from constant heat and sun exposure, it is recommended to place the trampoline in an area with shade. However, be careful not to place it too close to a tree branch. Perhaps you can consider installing a cover to protect your child and the trampoline from excessive sunlight.

Trampoline and water

Trampolines do need to be sprayed or cleaned regularly, so getting water on them won't affect their use. However, it should be dried in time after cleaning to avoid mold and mildew. And it is necessary to pay attention to ensure that the trampoline is dry when in use to avoid accidents.

Trampoline with cover

During the time when the trampoline is not in use, the cover can avoid damage from sunlight, debris, and UV rays, but it is important to remove water and debris on the cover in time to avoid excess weight to aggravate the pressure on the frame.

How to maintain your trampoline in Autumn?

The impact of autumn on trampolines comes from falling leaves and precipitation. It is recommended to install a protective cover to protect the jumping mat, springs, and frame from rain damage and keep it clean.

How to maintain your trampoline in Winter?

Can trampolines be used in winter?

The answer is yes, the CalmMax jumping mat is durable and can withstand all kinds of weather, so you can still enjoy the thrill of jumping in winter. However, you still need to make sure that the trampoline springs, mat, and frame are in good condition in advance.

If you don't plan to use the trampoline in winter, how can you store it correctly?

The first option is to remove the trampoline's jumping mat, safety net, and springs and put them in a dry place indoors to avoid moisture accumulation. The metal frame and pole can be left in the yard.

However,after a long winter, the following things need to be done to ensure safety when using the trampoline for the first time:

  1.  Check the condition of the trampoline parts. Carefully inspect the trampoline parts for signs of wear, tear, and aging. Make sure springs, jump mats, enclosure net, and frame do not have any cracks, holes, tears, or fractures.
  2. Check the safety, security, and stability of the trampoline by evaluating to make sure everything is still properly attached. Replace the parts that are in question. CalmMax offers free replacement of accessories(For customers who purchased a CalmMax Trampoline, we provide free replacement of accessories within warranty. You can order the required accessories directly on the Free Parts page. You need to attach your order number and photos to show the damage. After verification, we will reissue it for you as soon as possible.).
  3. Reassemble the trampoline after making sure all parts are OK. If necessary, follow the installation manual.

The second option is to leave the trampoline outdoors and maintain it over the winter. So what problems do you face when you leave the trampoline outdoors and what can you do to solve them?

  1. In particularly windy areas, it is important to secure the trampoline with anchors to avoid damage and danger.
  2. In heavy snowy weather, it is not recommended to use cover because it collects snow and moisture accumulation which may lead to sagging, mold, or frame damage. Then you have to stay careful not to let the snow accumulate and damage your trampoline. Use a soft bristle brush or broom to clear the snow by gently pushing it away from the frame and from the center of the mat toward the edges. Be careful not to use shovels, hard brushes, or other tools that could damage the mat.

All-year-round maintenance tips

By reading this, you already know how to give your trampoline the maintenance it needs in four seasons. In order to maintain the trampoline in the best condition for a long time and bring you the best experience, it is recommended that you pay attention to and maintain your trampoline on a regular basis. You should be familiar with all the components of your trampoline so that you can accurately assess its use.

You should pay careful attention to the jumping mat for signs of wear, tears, sagging, tension problems, holes or rips, whether the springs are working properly, and whether the frame is wobbly or damaged. This will allow you to identify and fix problems before they occur. If there are any problems with the components, it is recommended to replace them promptly for everyone’s safety. You should also clear water and snow from jump pads and covers in time.

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